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Traces of Indian Philosophy in Basilides – Part 1: Basilides References to Sāṃkhya

Traces of Indian Philosophy by Basilides – Part 2: Religious Historical Intersections

Hermann Detering: The Synoptic Apocalypse (Mark 13 par): a document from the time of Bar Kochba, JHC, Volume 7, No.2 – Fall 2000.

Hermann Detering: The Dutch Radical Approach to the Pauline Epistles, JHC, Volume 3, No. 2, 1996

Hermann Detering: Is Lucian’s „On the Death of Peregrinus“ a Satire on Marcion? Berlin 2004, Translation by Frans-Joris Fabri/Rowan Berkeley

Hermann Detering: The Original Version of the Epistle to the Galatians – Explanations, translated by Frans Joris Fabri, 2003

Klaus Schilling : Does Jesus Live, or Did He Only Live Once?
Summary of: G.A. van den Bergh van Eysinga: Leeft Jezus – of heeft hij alleen maar geleefd? 1930  – on Michael Hoffman’s website. – This short book was dedicated to Arthur Drews, the author of „The Christ Myth“. It comments on many topics already mentioned by Drews, such as in The History of the Denial of the Historicity of Jesus, and draws conclusions beyond that Familiarity with the work of Drews is helpful for following this text by van den Bergh van Eysinga  (M. Hoffman).

Arthur Drews: The History of the Denial of the Historicity of Jesus , 1926 
Klaus Schilling’s summary in English of Arthur Drews‘ article „Die Leugnung der Geschichtlichkeit Jesu in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart“, on the history of the denial of the historicity of Jesus, edited, formatted, and uploaded with Schilling’s permission by Michael Hoffman.

Bernhard Hoffers: Arthur Drews (1865 – 1935). English summary by Klaus Schilling on Michael Hoffmans’s website.

Klaus Schilling:  A survey: Van den Bergh van Eysinga, 2003

Paul-Louis Couchoud: T he first edition of the Paulina ( = La première édition de Saint Paul, 1930) Translated from the French by Frans-Joris Fabri and Michael Conley

Mr. A.J Allan (Kerk & Wereld, april 1995) Translated from the Dutch by Frans-Joris Fabri: A Forgotten Chapter: the Radicals.

G.A. van den Bergh van Eysinga: Early Christianity`s Letters

= Oudchristelijke Brieven Godsdienstwetenschappelijke Studien, 1951,3-31

Thomas Whittaker: Prof. G. A. van den Bergh van Eysinga – Nieuw Theologisch Tijdschrift, 23. Jg. 1934

Edwin Johnson: Antiqua Mater, London 1887

Edwin Johnson; The Pauline Epistles: Re-studied and explained, London 1894

Frank R. McGuire: Did Paul write Galatians? 1967-68  Hibbert Journal 66, 1967-68, 53-57

Eduard Verhoef: an Manen and the Dutch Radicals, 2000.

G.J.P.J. Bolland: The Gospel Jesus

G.J.P.J. Bolland: Philosophy of Religion
summarised by Klaus Schilling/Michael Hoffman

Epilogue of Eysinga’s Exegesis on the Gospel according to Matthew 
Summarised by Klaus Schilling/Michael/Hoffman,

English abstract of Hermann Detering`s „Paulusbriefe ohne Paulus“, 1992